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Who am I?

Stefan Kyurkchiev - hunter, taxidermist, caver and kayakers.
He grew up with hunting stories of his grandfathers and that inspired him to become a hunter.
In school he begins to deal with caves and kayaking in fast waters that he practice till today. Stefan is Speleology instructor, cave rescuer and rafting guide.
He graduated Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski" as Master of ecology and biodiversity.
As a student was fascinated by taxidermy and began studying the difficult craft.
Since 2006 professionally deals with stuffed hunting trophy.
Over 10 years he works as a taxidermist's in the second largest natural-science museum in Bulgaria.
In 2014 Stefan became a master in "Art tanning."

About BG Hunting Tour

We from BG Hunting Tour will be glad to discover with you the beautiful places in the Rhodope Mountains.
Considering the various interests of our customers, we can lead you to one-day photographic walks,
jeep safari, hunting and various adventure activities.
In the section Services you can find out more about each of these activities.
Reach us to have fun together, getting to know the beauty of Bulgarian nature!