Atelier of Sculpture dermoplastik

We provide taxidermy of various species of wild animals - mammals, fish, birds, reptiles. Also hunting trophies, skins game, skeletal preparations and maintenance of hunting collections.

The materials from which are made trophies and skins are processed by leading American and European companies. They have absolutely proven quality and are completely harmless!


How to order?

The adoption of orders it by phone or e-mail.

What is the time to make?

The time for making a preparation is at least two months and not more than six months. For larger orders or more complex compositions from animals that period may also be larger, as it is previously stated.

What is the price?

Each item is individually, so the price is not strictly defined. It depends upon the complexity of materials and others. So the price is determined after the ordering and specifying all the details.

How to obtain the finished product?

You can have your order on place, in our atelier.